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Industrial & Commercial Coatings



Airless Spray Brush and Roll

The fastest means of applying industrial and commercial coatings and paints. With a methodical application process, Apex produces a finish that is neat and protective.

Epoxy and Polyurethane Systems

Expertly applied to seal and protect the surfaces of your facility without chipping, cracking or fading. Special additives and custom mixes can also be applied to provide safe, slip-resistant surfaces where needed.

Maintenance Painting

At Apex. We help to keep your facility looking new and lasting longer with regular, professional maintenance painting that is designed specifically for your industrial or commercial location.


Harnessing the power of H20, Apex prepares any surface in an environmentally friendly and effective way to insure that industrial or commercial coatings adhere properly.


When even more power is required, sandblasting delivers the ultimate clean-surface preparation including a clean and roughen process to insure new paint adhesion that works extremely well for both industrial and commercial coating applications.

Floor Coatings

Designed and selected for your specific needs, Apex applies the right floor coating to seal and protect your facility from damage, accidents, downtime and deterioration.

Roof Deck Coatings

Our roof deck coatings and membrane materials are designed to protect a large portion of your facility investment from weather, damage and leaks. We determine the right materials to defend against the elements in your geographic area.

Tank Linings

Protecting the valuable asset stored inside your tanks, the Apex tank lining process insures that the contents remain safe from dirt, debris or contamination, while eliminating erosion or tank deterioration worries.

Graphic and Sign Painting

Creating clear, crisp graphic designs that communicate your business logo, artwork or recognizable design elements. Other?

Structural Steel Touch up and Repaints

To combat rust and erosion, while improving the aesthetics of these large-scale structural elements for both industrial and commercial sites.

Elastomeric Coatings

Apex uses elastomeric roof coatings to effectively solve roof leaks or restore any type of roof. The elastic properties allow this product to stretch in the summertime heat and then return to its original shape without damage. The specific type of elastomeric roof coating used for your job depends on your roof’s slope and materials. Apex will select from Acrylic, Butyl, Polyurethane or Silicon to determine the right elastomeric coating for your project.

High Angle Access

Expansion Joint Sealant